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Bressingham, Norfolk

01379 688 360

Norfolk Workmanship

I design and make beautiful, functional items to eat and drink from, anything from a tiny espresso cup to a dinner service.

Inspired by natural world – animals, the ever-changing seasons, the light and shadow on the landscape, and the organic texture of botany set in clay, I love the tactile nature of clay, how it can be dug from the ground, shaped and fired, and turned into a solid drinking vessel that can last a generation - or more.

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Each one of my stoneware vessels are made by myself and are made to be used every day. The high firing of 1280° + vitrifies the clay and makes it dishwasher and oven safe. Thrown on the potters' wheel using white and toasted fleck clay, many of my functional pieces are then 'sprigged' or stamped so that the glazes can sit in the hollows and highlight the textures. For this, I roll fresh plants and flowers into clay, making a mould which I can then use to press and alter each thrown pot. Finally, they are brushed with oxides and dipped in food-safe glazes, before being fired using the gas reduction method.

Please note that, as all my vessels are hand-thrown, there may be subtle differences in size, shape and colour each time a new batch is made - it's all in the hands of the 'Kiln Gods' .

I also make hand-built ‘objet d’art trees and hares which look as beautiful placed in a little ‘copse’ or by themselves as a focal point on a mantlepiece or shelf. Handmade using Ashraf Hanna high firing Raku clay and dipped in a variety of glazes, no two are the same.

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